Mac Fixer
(And Lover)
Without your specific consent, no information collected from this website or from your computer will ever, under any circumstances, be shared with, sold or rented to, or discussed with anyone. Seriously.

Your consent will be requested if sharing your personal information would be helpful in meeting your needs. This might include sharing your address for shipping, or using your email address to sign you up for requested services (or to set up requested software).

Information collected for the purpose of enriching your computing experience will be used only for that purpose unless consent is provided for a specific use of a particular piece of your information. You will not receive random email offers because I helped fix your Gmail. If I want to contact you, I will ask.

In short, you own your information. When I am done with your computer, it (and everything on it) is yours again. There will be no jokes about those photos you thought you deleted (don’t worry, they’re really gone now). In the case of remote assistance, you will be provided clear, straightforward instructions on how to disable remote access when not in use. Any necessary backups of your data will be securely erased. Consent will be requested before any information from your computer is saved for a specified later use.
It’s odd to say it, but your computer is sacred.
You keep your whole life on there.

I respect that. This is how.
Geek (gēk):
— noun
1. a person who is preoccupied with or very knowledgeable about computing
Wonk (ˈwȯŋk):
— noun
1. a person who takes an excessive interest in minor details of political policy.
You have the absolute right to demand that your information be securely erased at any point in time, regardless of previous consent.
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